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 How can I make money online and from what?

how can i make money online and from what


How can I make money online and from what? well, this site is all about helping you make the right choices when it comes to wanting to make money online.

The following are the best ways to help you make money online from a computer or a smartphone.


  • PROJECT PAYDAY: This program helps you make money from a computer or a smartphone and so answer’s

the question how can I make money online and from what?

They will pay you for taking trial offers as well as referring other people.

It is a CPA (cost per action) program as well, which means you will be given a link and by advertising the link,

anyone who fills their details through your link earns you a commission of $1.50 which means the more people

you refer who only fill in their details,

the more money you make and you will be paid through PayPal.

  • INBOX DOLLAR: This legitimate program will pay you $5 just for a free sign up to take surveys,

play games, search the net, watching videos, referring people, read emails as well as shop online.

Please, this is not a get rich quick scheme but rather a method to help you earn extra cash while at your free time.

Their payment methods include PayPal, cheques, and eCards.

So now, if your question is how can I make money online and from what?

then your answer is inbox dollar using a computer or a smartphone.

  • GLOBAL TEST MARKET: This is an online market research panel that pays it participants for their opinions through online surveys.

it is free to join and pays through PayPal, cheques, Payza and gift cards.

You will need a valid email address so to be able to receive daily email updates about new surveys.

 So as always, if your question is how can I make money online and from what,

then your answer is the global test market using a computer or a smartphone with an internet connection.

  • SWAGBUCKS: With Swagbucks you also earn a $5 signing up bonus for a free sign up just like inbox dollars and they

both share similar features, With Swagbucks you earn free cash as well as gift cards rewards as a member just for playing

games online, shopping online and searching the web, answering surveys as well as watching videos online.

And there are no payment methods for this program but instead, the company pays its subscribers

with points called Swagbucks and these points or Swagbucks,

can be redeemed for a gift card through the site.

OPINION OUTPOST: This is a non-global online free money making survey site that rewards you points for your opinions and these

points can be redeemed for cash through PayPal or gift cards through Amazone and iTunes.

You will also be offered surveys that give you an entry

into their $10,000 cash giveaways which you may stand the

chance of being a winner cos

every survey taken qualifies you a shot for the prize.

The pay through Paypal.

  • IZEA: If you are a blogger then this is for you cos IZEA connects bloggers to brands with campaigns that needs the services of bloggers

like a sponsored post and product promotions through bidding.

So when your bid goes through then you will be awarded a campaign.

how can i make money online and from what  


Do you love writing? if yes then,

I guess is about time you got paid for it.

Keep reading if one of your questions was how can I make money online and from what?

cos stated below are the best online writing jobs and companies that will pay you for writing

articles that are relevant to their readers using a smartphone or a computer.

  • iWRITER: This is a platform that will pay you to write and submit articles or contents to clients or requesters.

How much you can earn solely depends on a word count and the class of writer you are and iWriter comprise of three class of writers

and these are standard writers, premium writers, and elite writers.

Meaning everyone can make money only if you can follow your requester’s special instructions and below,

is an image showing the earning per word count for each class of writers?

  • SITE POINT: This site is always on the lookout for writers and new web developers who can write articles or

make video and podcast tutorials on HTML, CSS, and SASS. this company is ready to pay you $150 for writing article and $200 for tutorials.

They expect you to provide them with at least 1 article worth $150 per month or 3 articles worth $450 per month or a video tutorial for $200 or 3 tutorials for $600.

  • LISTVERSE: Listverse is a freelance site that welcomes sign up from writers who can give them a list of 10 things on offbeat topics

on special demand and when they find it interesting, they approve it and send you $100 through Paypal.

Offbeat topics for example, like say 10 things on how to lose belly fat while still drinking beer may

be approved than

a topic like 10 things on how to lose belly fat while jogging.

its free to join.

funds for writers are looking for writers with success stories on writing. Where you will be made to write an article about writing

and how yours became a success.

For credibility, they expect that you share with them unpublished original articles or reprints.

They will pay you $50 through PayPal when approved for an original unpublished article and $15 for reprints.

They paycheques as well but with the cheques, you will only earn $45 instead of $50.

  • DEVELOPER TUTORIALS: Developer tutorials is a web developer or a web design site that has an interest in articles about programming to web design.

The company will pay you between $30-$50 for articles

and between $50- $100 for tutorials only

when your post is accepted.

All payments are made through PayPal and Moneybookers.

So now, if your question is how can I make money online and from what, then ‘try developer tutorial’ using a computer or a smartphone.

  • AUDIO TUTS+: This is a website that provides writing opportunities for writers through article writing called “Quick Tips”

also known as contributions.They expect that your contribution should be around 500-word count. Your quick tips when accepted would earn you $50 so I guess this is a better way to earn some extra bucks.

  • TUTS+ : Tuts plus also known as Envato tuts plus is a community of writers and photographers

who have in-depth ideas about photography, coding, web design, programming, and with illustrations?

The community will pay you between $50-$150 through PayPal for teaching a course or creating tutorials

around any topic in their niche.

They need these course and tutorials to help their students learn self-paced, creative and technical skills.

  • THE DOLLAR STRETCHER: The stretcher is a publication with a goal to provide its readers with ways to save money also known as the dollar stretcher.

They are looking for writers who can write articles with practical ideas on specific ways to save time and money.

They will pay you around $0.10 for every word in your article.

which means you would earn $100 for a 1000-word count and $200 for a 2000-word count.

The company allows for guest posting and it payment methods are through PayPal and cheques.

  • E-COMMERCE INSIDER: The eCommerce insider is a publication that is mainly for a retail base but educational focused.

They only accept publications from e-commerce experts.

You the writer would have to include a link to

your writing samples for credibility checks

and when all that is done,

and then you start writing for them, they will pay you $75 for every article between 400-500 word count,

$125 for every article of 600 words and $150 for every article of 600+ word count.


  • CPA MARKETING: CPA which stand for Cost Per Action is a form of marketing where an advertiser is paid a commission for an action taken through their affiliate link.

this means the company will pay every affiliate a commission when a site visitor clicks a link, submits an email address,

 buy a product or download an ebook.

CPA is one of the best ways that answer the question, how can I make money online and from what and everybody can do it.

Read more about how to make money with CPA marketing here. 

  • AFFILIATE MARKETING: Is where a person called an affiliate reviews and refers people to other peoples products or service,

with the intention of getting them to buy so, they can earn a percentage called a commission.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easy ways to make money online,

cos you don’t need to own the product or service in order to promote it to make money.

All you have to do is find an affiliate network or an affiliate site sign up

and start promoting their products. Learn more about affiliate marketing here.

below is a list of affiliate networks to sign up for can i make money online and from what

  1.   Click
  2.   Click
  4.   Click
  5.   JV
  •  E-COMMERCE BUSINESS: e-commerce business is one of the instant profit-generating businesses online that yield huge profits.

This type of business allows you the opportunity to import products from wholesale sites like Aliexpress or Amazon on

to your own online shop, store or website to resell for a high price without having to own inventory

how can i make money online and from what To start or own a business like this click on the link here to visit our business homepage  to find out more.



  • FREELANCING: One of the best ways to make money online is by selling out your services.

Simply sign up with sites like Fiverr, freelancer, and elance to create a profile describing your service and

then these sites will categorically add you to a niche based on your profile interest

so to help people find you

when looking for your service anytime they conduct a search based on your service or niche.

So when next you ask yourself how can I make money online and from what?

then I guess your answer should be freelancing,

So clients will pay you for your service or things you are good at doing.

With Fiverr, clients will you pay you $5 or more for every service offered hence the name Fiverr.

  • BLOGGING: Blogging is one of the answers to the question how can I make money online and from what?

Blogging means writing content or a piece of articles around keywords or topics that interest people.

Meaning, you write to help people find easily what they are looking for online.

Once you are able to help them and build a relationship with them as a result, any time you recommend

an affiliate product or service through your content automatically they will buy because they trust it will help them.

All you need is a computer with an internet connection.


how can i make money online and from what

Below is a short video explaining how you can make money online blogging.



  • EMAIL MARKETING: Heard of the term ‘the money is in the list’ as used by marketers before? They are simply referring to email marketing.

Email marketing allows you to build and own an email list (email addresses).

Once you have your list, then simply build a relationship with your list through daily emails.

You will only send the emails based on products and services your list want.

Once you know what they want, then is the time to start selling it to them to make some commissions.

  • GOOGLE ADSENSE: This is another way to make money online as a website or a blog owner.

This is how to go about it; Go to Google and sign up for AdSense account and then when approved

you will receive an email with an Ad code that you will need to add to your website.

So when you add the code to your website, Google will display ads on your website or blog pages.

So when a visitor clicks on this ad from your website, Google pays you a commission and then it continues.

  • Quora ANSWERS AND KNOWLEDGE PRIZES: With Quora answers, you will get paid $250 or more by sponsors for answering questions. Yes sounds simple right? Well, this is how it works.

how can i make money online and from what

You will need a Quora answers account so to create a business optimized profile of your expertise. Remember to provide a detail information about yourself and relevant topics of your expertise. Note, you only win when you have the highest amounts of votes on your answer just like everybody.


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  1. Thank you for the Wonderful article on the different ways to make money from home. These are great suggestions to get anyone started making money from home. Honestly I think it is whatever is best and works for the individual using it.What really makes one of these the best way to earn an income from home?

    1. Hi Carlton, thanks for visiting my site I really appreciate your time and to your question, My suggestion are the best ways to make money because each one of them is very legitimate and newbie friendly. Besides that, they will not cost you any money to start with making it very flexible for everyone to leverage.

  2. Wow that is a lot of information to take in!!! Which method would you recommend is the best? I’m always keen to try out new ways to make money online but there are so many scams out there that it feels risky to me. I have my own blog and have started affiliate marketing but I’m really keen to learn more about email marketing. Will you be writing a follow up post about email marketing specifically?

    1. Hi Caroline, thank you for really making time to check my page, and to your question, yes i will be writing a follow up post on email marketing cos email marketing is one of the best ways of advertising online and so i will recommend this aspect of marketing to every internet marketer cos email marketing when done well is a full business on it own. So Caroline, i will be making a full post on that soon so please stay in touch.

  3. I agree that these are some good tips on how to make money online. But there’s one thing I wanted to verify. I know Blogger (Blogspot) is free to use, but is it the best blogger platform out there? I haven’t seen a Blogspot rank on the first page of Google for a very long time. I do see more WordPress sites though. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks.

    1. Thanks Cathy for that question, but I will say there are so many ways by which somebodies blog might not stay long on the google search engine being it from blog spot or word press. The reasons being one’s blog may be removed due to having a duplicate content from other sites or buying links from non trusted websites and so many more. But I think the one reason one might not see much of a bad reputation for word press is that, its features goes a long way to helping its users get all the they may need, to run their blogs as compared to blog spot, Example word press is a self hosted blog as blog spot is hosted by google which means google has a full control on blog spot and can do anything. Secondly, WordPress offers more options to optimise your blog for search engine where as in Blog Spot you are limited to certain features and settings bridging a huge difference between the two. Hope that helps.

  4. Soloman
    Very good content, I enjoyed the material, when I do my money blog, my content has to be full of strong valuable information like yours, well done.
    Soloman I Went to your natural remedies sight but it wasn’t working.

    1. Hi, Ralljr, thanks for visiting, am really glad you like my article.
      For my natural remedies site, its down for now cos I’m really concentrating on my current site but surely will put it back to work.
      But until then have a nice day and do write me back if you need any information.

      Be Good always.

  5. Really glad I found your site when I was online Today. I have been thinking of starting a work at home internet business but I’m a bit lost to which is the best way to go. Can you recommend what would be the best way to go for a first timer to the marketing World?
    Kind regards,

    1. Hey Jeff,and welcome to my site hope you found it valuable and to my recommendation for you, I will gladly recommend you start with the Digital e-commerce business cos is going to help you in the long run into starting other businesses when you do it well. You can go and read more about it on the getting started page, But do get in touch with me if you still need help.

  6. I guess with no real direction, people find it tough to get online businesses started up online. But with the methods you’ve highlighted, there are a few great options for making money on the internet. 🙂

    To me, affiliate marketing and blogging sure seem like the best ways to earn because I do know of affiliate marketers who are massively successful from writing content and recommending products.

    Email Marketing can help to build online businesses further, which I think is an opportunity not to pass up, since it can definitely create income for the long-term.


    1. Hey and thanks Neil for visiting, really do love and appreciate your submission so much. You might not know how important your words may be, but am sure it will go a long way to help someone in choice making.


      Be good.

  7. Great little list you’ve got here on options to work from home online – I see you are also covering affiliate marketing (a topic I have been looking into recently). You mention that all affiliate networks are free – how then do they make money? Do they take a cut from the sales you make off your website?

    1. Hey Chris, nice to hear from you again. To your question, Yes an affiliate network earns a commission just like a product vendor as soon as an affiliate product is sold by an affiliate, meaning they get a cut on any product sold just as you said. But the best ways they also make money is through advertisement on CPA products, Banner ads, and other forms of advertisements because of the huge traffic that comes to their website each day.

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